Window Blinds – History And Types

There are many types of materials and colors for blinds. Today, its purpose is to protect privacy, block the sun, and prevent heat from going out during the coldest seasons.

There are records showing that the old ones also use blinds. Although they are in different forms, they have essentially the same function.

People living in the desert covered their windows with a damp cloth. A wet rag is used to cool the home and prevent sunlight from entering. Ancient Egyptians and Chinese used blinds to avoid seeing from the outside and giving them a sense of intimacy.

When the Chinese used bamboo, the Egyptians used ordinary canes. However, bamboo is still used as a material for making blinds (indoor roller blinds). It is very common in Asian countries.

The Venetian blinds are said to come from Persia. There, the moving Venetian merchants brought the blinds to Venice and Paris. Therefore, these two countries are considered to be the inventors of the blinds.

In the 1950s, Venetian blinds were made of 2 inch wide metal strips and woven with fabric strips. The fabric strip is a strip that controls the drop, height and inclination of the metal strip.

As we all know, these new “blind” types are noisy and have less aesthetic appeal to the room. Then, in the 1980s, metal slats were replaced by one-inch wide vinyl slats. Due to the ease of manufacture of vinyl slats, they have become the standard of choice for blinds.

There are many types of blinds today. Therefore, you can purchase blinds according to the style of your home or office.

Bamboo curtain

These blinds are made of bamboo and woven with rattan, reed and other natural herbs. All rooms exude a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere.


If your home or office has an oriental theme, the best option is to choose bamboo blinds. Bamboo blinds are easy to install and are extremely durable and environmentally friendly.

Bali blinds

This type of blind plate completely blocks any light from any room. They save energy because they reduce heat during the hot season and isolate the room during the cold season.


This is one of the most stable and effective blinds on the market. Roller blinds can be customized to fit any window size. They are also the most common types of blinds in homes and offices.

They are available in a variety of fabrics such as mesh, cotton and polyester fabrics. This allows you to choose the color and fabric you want. Roller blinds are easy to assemble and install, easy to clean and accumulate minimal dust.

Wooden shutters

This type of awning resists cracks. Most manufacturers use hardwood. This store has a variety of decorations that exude a rich, warm and inviting atmosphere. It also makes your space enjoyable and enjoyable.

Mini blinds

They are also known as venetian blinds. This type of awning is a practical choice for families because they offer the same functionality as other stores, but at a lower cost. Mini blinds are durable and easy to install.

The mini slats are PVC or aluminum. Thanks to these materials, there are many color choices to give you more choices.

Blinds vinyl

Vinyl shutters are cheaper, so they are very popular. They are resistant to moisture and moisture. Although they are available in a variety of colors, they are not available in large rooms due to their size.

Vinyl shutters are not the most fashionable in the world. Customizing your home with this blind is almost impossible. They are best suited for use in wet areas of the home.