What Major Issues That Real Estate Investors Are Most Worried About?

What Major Issues That Real Estate Investors Are Most Worried About?

As a Thailand Property investor, have you suffered from this massive global economic collapse, or are you one of the thousands of investors who really use this “perfect real estate risk”?

You see, as the unemployment rate rises, bank foreclosures are blocked, and prices in most markets fall to more than half of their peaks, and many investors believe the market is dead. These investors, like headless chickens, are desperately trying to close deals while trying to manage their existing portfolios.

If you are one of them, then most investors are packing their bags and worrying about the market is not surprising. After all, a recent survey of residential investors found that today’s real estate investors have many reasons to be afraid.

Today’s 7 major concerns about Thailand Property investors:

  1. Lack of money: personal income declines. The unemployment rate reached a record level. Tenants in most markets have failed. Credit card companies are reducing available cash, even for those who have unbelievable credit scores and are still paying on time.
  2. Lack of confidence: Many investors lack confidence and cannot overcome the economic recession of the next three years. For example, many investors find it difficult to complete a real estate agreement for several months. If you are using a short sale strategy, because the bank is overwhelmed by unloading the inventory, you can wait six months before receiving the transaction notification for the corridor price.
  3. Loan Challenge: Since family income has declined since the wife’s death, one of my friends can’t even refinance his house to get a lower mortgage than he is paying now. If you are unable to refinance your home to get a lower payment, what do you think is your chance to get a loan? In addition, banks have increased initial payment requirements for residential and commercial properties by 40%.
  4. You can’t find a deal: Most home and apartment sales are foreclosures because homeowners don’t want to sell now and lose all the value they put in the house.
  5. There are not enough buyers: Yes, incentives such as tax credits are beginning to appear on the market. Yes, we are beginning to see a decrease in new shares. The key word is “beginning.” However, in many markets, investors see a lack of buyers, even if the price is unbeatable.
  6. It takes too much time – many long-term real estate investors spend their days and nights to make deals. Most of the time they used to jump from one airport to another in the middle of the night with computers or across the country, hoping to get this six-seven-digit real estate transaction, once again disappointed. time.


  1. Lack of knowledge: Olds Hat’s investment requires you to understand the negotiation strategy, NLP tips, current work skills, contracts and how to adapt to opportunities in multiple markets, using multiple investment strategies.

Now, I fully understand these fears for experienced investors. In fact, investors who operate in this way are very likely to be in the poor homes of Christmas unless they use the power of real estate investment syndicates.

How do real estate complexes solve your problems?

According to Thomas Kish, a national commercial credit expert, “The allocation of Thailand Property investment significantly reduces the risks and barriers to creating dreams. In general, 99% don’t know.”

What is real estate union and how will it help you?

The idea of ​​real estate union is simple. I define it as a match. This is the ultimate joint venture investment business. It is associated with investors who have a wealthy investment market but have not established and signed knowledge of real estate agreements. Lenders want to limit their risk through greater profit guarantees and provide loans to unions or private investors who protect their interests from significant investments.