Top 10 Brain Enhancers

Top 10 Brain Enhancers

You may get older and notice that your brain is declining; or you are a student preparing for a major exam; or you are just curious if you can do anything to improve brain function. Well, the obvious answer is yes! We will discuss 10 main content without a specific order.

We will start with a dream. Your brain needs a certain amount of rest so that it can even run at full speed. Think of it as a very fragmented hard drive in a day’s work, and if you don’t completely defragment it, it will work slower the next day. Let your brain completely defragment for 8 hours.

Oxygen is one of the most important elements needed for the brain to reach its full potential. Take 30 minutes to do cardiovascular exercise (running, cycling, treadmills, etc.) and you will find amazing improvements in your brain function, because your heart can transport oxygen more easily in your body, including understanding your brain. When you do cardiovascular exercise. Adjustment.

The food you eat is obviously important to your brain, but meals are sometimes confusing. The first is the captured wild fish; I want to point out not the fish that are kept on the farm but caught in the wild, even better fish such as salmon. These two foods may make you say, right? They are chocolate and coffee. Yes, chocolate and coffee, but chocolate must be 100% organic, 75% cocoa beans or more, in other words, very dark chocolate and coffee must be 100% organic freshly ground. We must emphasize that you should not have preservatives, and organic USDA is not good enough; it must be 100% organic. Whole wheat bread, eggs, fresh salads and fruit are other good foods for the brain; especially cranberries.

Supplements and drugs are somewhat controversial due to possible side effects, but this editorial will be incomplete if not mentioned. First of all, it is human growth hormone. Once we reach our 20th birthday, our body’s natural production will decline exponentially. As young people, we are able to learn new languages ​​more easily than in recent years, perform mathematical functions, memory and other more powerful functions. HGH Canada capacity is the only ability to take it naturally without the risk of side effects. Modafinil is a prescription drug used to treat narcolepsy and other sleep disorders. Studies have shown that patients with modafinil have better memory and greater brain function. Modafinil has significant side effects, such as overdose and dependence-related deaths, should be used with caution and in rare cases. Ritalin is another prescription drug mainly used in ADHD. Its advantages and disadvantages are very similar to modafinil (modafinil canada).

Mental problems such as Sudoku, crosswords, and chess are good ways to stimulate brain function. These games or puzzles must be hard enough to solve/overcome because it takes a lot of effort to do so. In situations where it is too easy or too difficult, brain stimulation is inefficient, albeit too difficult and too easy. Each type of puzzle stimulates different parts of the brain. Sudoku is more mathematical and based on patterns, crosswords stimulate language and memory, and chess stimulates logic and strategy. Therefore, you must understand this when choosing a puzzle.

Learning new things may be one of the best ways to encourage those who have spent their school year. This new thing should be something you want to learn, otherwise you can’t do much in terms of stimulation. A new hobby is a good start. Learn how to make this patio that you’ve always dreamed of over the years, in fact, to do so. Maybe you are planning a trip to a country whose native language is not what you are talking about now. Then continue to learn the language until you reach an almost fluent state, perhaps more exciting to travel, learning new language rewards.

Music and brain stimulation are still a controversial topic but it is now widely accepted and confirmed by research, and certain types of music will make your brain work at a higher level. There is a new brainwave survey that confirms this in particular. Classical music, especially Mozart, is currently the most popular positive brain stimulation music; although most, if not all, music stimulates the brain in some way. A better way is to learn to play a piano or guitar. Many studies have confirmed that learning to play musical instruments has an amazing effect on the brain function of people in all fields of life. Please note those who do not support classical music, avoiding music that is too heavy or too fast; background music is the best.

One of the easiest things you can do is read. Reading provides one of the most positive stimuli for your brain. It doesn’t matter what you read. Written words that need to be read rather than being listened to (the audiobook does not work) involve a very deep process that stimulates both sides of your brain. Like reading, some things, once mastered, will irritate your brain. This is called fast reading. Consider this before considering this as too difficult or worth investing. If you have to read a huge case of a client or a biological task that takes two hours to read, reduce five or more? This means that the two-hour biological work reading time now takes only 20 minutes. Imagine you can do something extra time. Not only that, but everything you read in twenty minutes will be remembered best, and easier to remember than you spend two hours doing. This is true, anyone can do it. Need patience, practice and proper guidance, so we recommend that you read it in advance. With this new ability, you will be more efficient, but more importantly, your brain stimulation will be triggered.

Spirituality may be a common word in this field because it deals with your internal thoughts and attitudes. It is an area that stimulates the right brain, which means that knowledge, numbers, and logic have nothing to do with it. Imagination may be a better word; however, it is too narrow to cover the entire area. This area is thinking and imagining on these wonderful holidays and not just considering it, but by imagining yourself watching this waterfall and seeing water splashing into the pool, you stand up and take this picture. It also means that you assess and evaluate your behavior and its links to society and/or guidelines for maintaining your foundation (such as your Bible). For most scholars, this is a new field of research, and there is a lot of information about this topic, which suggests that a lot of books are needed to cover it. We recommend taking the time to see more by stimulating this part of the brain, as these benefits can be far-reaching.

The last thing to mention is memory practice. There are several types of memory exercises, and it’s best to spend time searching them online, as many exercises are beneficial. We will mention two. First take a dictionary and then go to a random page, then scan a word you don’t know, and then remember the word and its meaning. Do this three to five words a day. Second, search for random word generator online, then select a free website and generate 10 random words. Then take 60 seconds and try to remember each word randomly. After 60 seconds, try to score as many points as possible. Once you can remember 10 words, move 20 words, and so on.

With real games, people can remember by observing 500 random words or more in 60 seconds. Now, this is an incredible memory. You can also do this; through these sometimes simple but surprising ways of stimulating memory, you can get higher scores, better work performance or simply improve your brain function.