The World Of Dice Play

The World Of Dice Play

No symbol embodies the fateful game of luck as strong as the cube. For thousands of years, people have let the cube decide. They also fall in the casinos เว็บแทงบอล of this world: Craps is especially popular, especially on the American continent. But the cube has a long history.

“Alea iacta est.” – This Latin expression is one of the best known quotes ever. Literally translated it means: “The cube has been thrown”.

Who shaped this famous phrase? That was the winning type par excellence: the Roman Emperor Gaius Julius Caesar. On the way to Asterix and Obelix he passed 49 v. Chr. In the Gallic War the river Rubikon. The crossing of the border was Caesar’s announcement about the war, because he entered forbidden territory – and even today we say, when there is no way back: The dice have fallen.

The story of the cube, the world’s oldest random generator

Albert Einstein said it well, “God does not play dice.” But humanity does – and has done so for many thousands of years. Einstein’s saying should express his doubts about chance. Quantum physics should therefore follow a larger order, but the dice game is a reliable random generator.

This can be easily recognized by the origin of the word “Hasard”. The gambling game is the somewhat outdated name for gambling. The hare is the coincidence. The word comes from the Arabic “az-zahr”, which means “the dice” in German.

The most expensive commercial of all time

Guaranteed success for any film is this mix: Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert de Niro and Brad Pitt in the lead roles, directed by none other than Martin Scorsese. What sounds like the next blockbuster, however, is not a Hollywood production. On the contrary, it is a commercial. Macao, the gambling den of Asia with its nearly three dozen casinos, now makes four times the sales of Las Vegas, but the gambling paradise wants more. The casino  เว็บแทงบอลgroup MCE is especially interested in its two new casinos, one in Macau and the other in Manila. Why else did you come up with the marketing thrill in “Ocean’s Eleven” manor. DiCaprio and de Niro are cast for the same role. In a sequel you will learn what Brad Pitt has to do with the whole thing.

Not bad for a shoot of two days. Overall, the casino group invested a lot of money that the customers lost in the game. At around $ 70 million, it is the most expensive commercial ever. The losers in the MCE casinos  เว็บแทงบอล can now claim to finance Hollywood’s best actors. Whether that is a consolation remains questionable.

The two Hollywood stars DiCaprio and de Niro each received $ 13 million for their engagement.

At least Leonardo DiCaprio is also an avid gambler in real life. By the way, one of Scorsese’s and DiCaprio’s next projects is a remake of a film from 1974. In “The Gambler”, of course, it’s about gambling. DiCaprio has been interested in playing the lead role of a playful professor for many years, probably because he has enough experience of his own. Until he also plays the player in front of the camera, there will certainly be some poker rounds left. His private stakes in such a round? Nothing under $ 10,000. His gambling scenes in the film would guarantee him a win at the box office.