The Need For Post-Natal Massage

The Need For Post-Natal Massage

The new mother always asks this question. “When can I get back to my body before I get pregnant?” New mothers must recover from childbirth and physical changes. Prepare a special meal to recover from childbirth, and in order to restore physical changes, we hired a masseur to provide Post natal massagePostnatal massage is a traditional treatment that has been inherited for generations and can even be implemented now. It is usually done comfortably in your own home. The stress caused by childbirth and the time taken to care for the newborn will affect our body. Therefore, Postnatal massage not only provides emotional support and support, helps mothers recover energy loss, but also restores the body to pre-pregnancy by retaining muscle and connective tissue.

Other benefits of Postnatal massage include:

It provides relaxation for the tired body.

  1. Relieve shoulder and neck pain by wearing or feeding newborns
  2. Achieve weight on the initial distribution.
  3. Help restore the uterus to its original state.
  4. Eliminate excessive body fluids and reduce fluid retention.
  5. Hue stretches the skin area, especially in the abdomen
  6. Promote blood circulation in the body.
  7. Remove dead skin cells and restore skin renewal.

For mothers who give birth naturally, they can start Post natal massage immediately after being comfortable and ready. However, for caesarean section, it is recommended that the mother wait at least 2 weeks after delivery or the incision to heal properly before the start of the massage.

This Postnatal massage begins with a breast massage that promotes the supply of milk and also helps clear blocked pipes. Then take a full body massage and use hot oil with lemon, lemongrass and eucalyptus. The hot oil used helps to reduce water retention, burn fat accumulated during pregnancy, and dissipate the wind generated during childbirth. Finally, the jamu paste was applied to the abdomen and wrapped in bengkung (15 m cotton cloth). This package helps restore the uterus to its original state, reduces the abdomen and helps to lose weight. In order to see the effect of a flatter abdomen, the bandage must be kept for at least 10 hours and must be applied continuously for at least 5 days.

In many parts of Asia, it is common for women to make a series of Postnatal massage appointments with a masseur before giving birth.

In Indonesia, Postnatal massage is a traditional treatment that has been passed down from generation to generation and is still widely used today. Such treatments include the use of a massage oil applied to the stomach and an envelope called the “bengkung” stomach, which consists of a cotton fabric that is several meters long. Bengkung is used to wrap the body, lift the uterus, eliminate water retention, reduce wind and phlegm, reduce the size of the stomach, and reduce weight. Postnatal massage is usually done at home.

For mothers who naturally give birth to children, it is generally considered safe to continue Postnatal massage. For those who have undergone caesarean section, be sure to consult your doctor or professional masseur first. In most cases, it is recommended to wait a few weeks before the Postnatal massage after caesarean section.

Postnatal massage is widely used and has many benefits for new mothers. If she is interested, the mother should consult her doctor or call a massage therapist who specializes in Postnatal massage therapy. The benefits are definitely worth it.