Myths About Plastic Surgery

Myths About Plastic Surgery

Breast enhancement will correct breast sagging

Breast implants (breast implants Malvern) are designed to enlarge a woman’s breasts rather than lifting her nipples or breasts. Breast lift lifts your nipples and tightens loose skin. However, the uprising will not enlarge your breasts. If you want them to be bigger and lighter, you will need to pay for two separate programs. Both procedures can be performed at the same time if the patient is willing, and this is usually the case.

Breast augmentation can increase the risk of breast cancer

I don’t know how this rumor started. She may be a mother of a teenager who wants to discourage her daughter from breast augmentation (breast implants Malvern). The National Cancer Institute conducted a study and found no connection between the two. Breast enlargement often leads women to pay more attention to their health, thus reducing the health problems they experience. However, an interesting finding is that women with implants were later diagnosed with cancer. This may be related to the fact that mammography and self-diagnosis are more difficult in the presence of the implant.

Botox toxin used in cosmetic treatment causes death.

Botox has recently been severely treated. Recently, it was published in the news about the death of girls. In addition to reducing wrinkles, these botulinum injections and all other botulinum toxin problems have been used for many other uses of the drug, which is the aesthetic use of the drug. None of the many studies conducted showed a link between small doses of botulinum toxin and any type of medical problem due to aesthetic reasons. If you are careful to call a qualified professional, there is no reason to believe that botulinum toxin is harmful to your cosmetic procedures.

Liposuction eliminates cellulite.

It is farther away from the reality. Liposuction only removes fat cells. Cellulite is not just a problem with excess fat. Cellulite is stored near the surface, while liposuction attacks deeper fat deposits under the skin. In any case, liposuction can aggravate the appearance of cellulite because it eliminates deeper layers of fat that protect cellulite and stabilize it.

Cosmetic surgery is intended for the rich and famous.

Plastic surgery is not just about Joan Rivers and Burt Reynolds. Everyone can do this work these days. Some of the most popular programs, such as liposuction and botulinum toxin, are very affordable for most American middle class. A recent study found that only 10% of plastic surgery patients have a family income of more than $90,000. This suggests that, contrary to popular belief, plastic surgery (plastic surgery Malvern) is actually dominated by the middle class.

It is not appropriate to talk to a former surgeon.

Some may think that this shows that the surgeon lacks respect. Some people may not want to go through the trouble of finding a previous patient. For many reasons, a person may not want to talk to a patient of a former surgeon. However, the main reason you should do this is that from a patient’s perspective, it will give you a better understanding of the surgeon’s expectations. You still have the opportunity to see this work with your own eyes. If you want them to talk to the former patient, then the famous surgeon will have no problem. In fact, most people encourage them.

No matter who makes it, the cost of plastic surgery is the same.

Plastic surgery (plastic surgery Malvern) is very similar to many of the other goods and services we buy. It is largely related to supply and demand. If the plastic surgeon works outside of Hollywood, you can charge for the surgery. Laboratory costs, anesthesia, installation fees, etc. play an important role in the final price of the program. We have already mentioned reducing the cost of surgery abroad through medical tourism.