Marina One Residences- The Real Estate Buying Guide

How to find the accommodation of your dreams? How to define your budget? How to finance your acquisition? To accompany you throughout your purchase, marina one residences singapore provides you with a guide adapted to each situation.

Prepare your “departure” before moving

  • If you are currently a tenant, look into the conditions of exit from your lease . In the case of an empty rental, the notice period is three months, or even one month only if the accommodation is located in a “tense” area. For “furnished” rentals, the notice period is one month.
  • If you own your home, ask yourself whether you will sell it again (in which case you must have it appraised ) or rent it (in which case it is rent that you will have to fix ).

Define your needs and prioritize your criteria

To hope to find your next home, still need to know what it will look like! To have a precise vision of your future “at home” , make it the “portrait-robot”: area, location, benefits, prices, etc.

Set up an email alert to find your accommodation

To make sure you do not miss the rare loss, create an account at marina one residences to receive  email alerts . Remember the criteria of your property search will allow you to be notified (e) as soon as a property corresponding to your desiderata (price, services, location, etc.) will be offered for sale.

Determine your budget to buy your property

Contact a broker to get a clear idea of how much you can borrow . Also be aware that other fees (agency  fees, notary fees , movers …) come add to the selling price of a home.

Get the services of a real estate agent(marina one residences)

One study showed that when you turn your search to a real estate agent, you multiply by three the chances that your project will succeed. But a real estate agent will not only help you find your future home, it will also accompany you until the signing of the deed of sale. He can even advise you on the feasibility of your project and, if necessary, help you negotiate the sale price with the seller. For details check: marina one residences.

Even if agency fees are not regulated by law, the rate applied is generally between 5 and 10% of the selling price.

Prepare your upstream visits

  • To visit as efficiently as possible, refrain from visiting “as a tourist” … On the contrary, each of your visits must have been meticulously prepared . Our checklists are there to help you to forget any detail (work to predict, exposure of the apartment, existence of easements around the house, etc.).
  • Gather as much information
  • In addition to helping you with our checklists, take pictures of the properties you visit.
  • Get yourself accompanied too.
  • Are you interested in the past of the good: has it returned to the market? How long has it been offered for sale? What are the motivations of the seller ? As much information that you can be valuable at the time of a possible negotiation.

If the first visit was successful, organize a quick cons-visit. Finally, if you like housing, make an offer without delay.

To Sum Up

Define your real estate budget

  • Evaluate your new charges
  • The conditions for obtaining a mortgage
  • Help to finance your home
  • Calculate your debt ratio
  • Calculate your monthly payments
  • Buy with your rent

Decrypt a real estate ad

  • Exclusive mandate or simple mandate?
  • The different real estate professionals
  • Appealing to a real estate professional has multiple benefits
  • Real estate diagnoses: Carrez area
  • Real estate diagnostics: a wealth of information
  • How much does real estate cost?
  • Negotiate the price of your future home

The first visit

  • Prepare your first appointment with the real estate agent
  • What to check during the visit?

The offer to purchase

  • Make an offer to purchase
  • The commitments of an offer to purchase

The sales agreement

  • Understand the sales agreement
  • What clauses to negotiate in the compromise?
  • Promise or compromise of sale?
  • What role do the suspensive conditions play?
  • Legal deadlines