How To Improve Your Car Lights With The Xenon Brenner?

How To Improve Your Car Lights With The Xenon Brenner?

If you have Xenon HID headlights on your vehicle, or if you upgrade your standard halogen bulb to the latest Xenon bulb, you will see the white light from the xenon lamp or xenon brenner.

Unfortunately, you may also notice that the side bulbs are dim and do not complete your xenon lamp or xenon brenner. Fortunately, there are a variety of enhanced lights that are brighter and whiter than standard light bulbs, and if you like to take risks, they can have different colors.

What is the difference between a light bulb and a normal light bulb?

The standard bulb is a very inexpensive series that uses a very basic filament whose cross section is usually filled with an alkaline inert gas. By comparison, supplement the lighting bulbs with the latest technology in car bulbs. They are made of high quality materials and high quality filaments.

Most importantly, the latest update bulbs are filled with helium or halogen to ensure that these improved bulbs produce brighter and clearer light and add more HID Xenon bulbs (xenon brenner).

How about the Blue Side Light Xenon bulb (xenon brenner)?

In addition to clear glass bulbs, bulbs with blue anthraquinone dyes are also available, which are increasingly popular with drivers. While blister with blue windows is typically sold in a blue position that emits a light blue color, typically the blue tint eliminates yellow spots, so the bulb produces whiter, brighter light.

The level of blue anthraquinone dye allowed in these automotive bulbs is limited by two factors, the EEC rules and the heat generated. Since the blue dye acts as a filter and some of the blocking bulbs can emit, the rules of the EEC give the maximum allowable level of blue dye in the side bulbs so that they can remain in legitimacy. street.

Second, because the blue tinted glass captures some of the light that escapes from the fireplace, it is hotter than the clear crystal, and if the tint is too dark, it will operate at too high a temperature and consume too much.

Is the LED position light bulb suitable for my car?

The latest generation of positioning lights are based on LED technology and are increasingly being adopted by well-known brands such as Porsche 997 and Audi R8. LEDs represent light-emitting diodes and offer several advantages over standard glassware.

LED bulbs have incredibly powerful and durable sidelights, so they typically consume less than 50,000 hours of energy and produce brighter and stronger strength than standard car bulbs, and are available in a variety of colors.

Switching to a side LED bulb is usually very fast and easy. The basic design of LED upgrade bulbs is identical to standard bulbs, so they can be mounted directly into existing outlets.

Replacing a standard side bulb with an upgraded xenon bulb (xenon headlights audi) or the latest LED bulb can really change the look of the car at night. They can produce brighter and clearer light, which is best suited for completing Xenon headlight bulbs and installing LED bulbs for long life, you may need to replace the bulb before you have to replace the bulb side light