How To Have Subscribers On Instagram- Buy Real Instagram Followers

How To Have Subscribers On Instagram- Buy Real Instagram Followers

Do you find it difficult to have followers on Instagram? Are you looking for tips and strategies? You’ll find here how to grow the number of followers, and to count on an audience as wide as that of a footballer, an actor or an Instagram star. The reasons you want to win Instagram followers can be many, both for our own passion, for advertising, or to increase our popularity for job postings for example. Despite the efforts you make every day by posting pictures, you can not get rid of your profile? You are on the right page ! Let’s analyze very simple and practical tips to increase the number of followers on Instagram.

1 – Connect your Facebook account to that of Instagram

We know it ! You’ve read it everywhere, but it’s a basic advice to increase your fans, in fact, it seems logical and banal but should not be underestimated. The more friends you have on Facebook and the more notifications you receive, this gives you the confidence that many people will become your followers.

2 – Use the hashtags intelligently

Ever wondered what is the point of putting one or more words in a hashtag? Hashtags make words or phrases more prominent, using the most popular ones, making them visible to anyone who does not follow you as a follower. In fact, the diez is a sign that indicates to the search engines that the following word is a keyword, indicating that you indicate that your post is looking for other people on similar topics. How to use hashtags? You have to choose a few in particular or the order is random? If you often use Instagram, you will surely notice that in the descriptions, there are some hashtags that appear repeatedly like #Instadaily #Instagood #Picoftheday. We reveal some astruces that will bring you lots of followers and more:

There are more popular hashtags and more appreciated by the Instagram community, it’s the Top hashtags: #instadaily #love #me #instagood #summer #instagramhub #tbt #FOLLOW #cute #iphoneonly #photooftheday #igdaily #instamood # bestoftheday #iphonesia #picoftheday #igers #girl #tweegram #beautiful and so on. To have the hashtags always ready and well organized simply copy and paste from the notes of your phone. Use Tagboard for a more accurate and consistent search. Use the correct hashtags related to the content of the image, even inside a description.

3 – Give a description to your photos

A description can have a crucial role because it gives the photo an added value, increasing interactions by developing the curiosity of the user. With a lot of probability that he will become your fan too. You will have noticed that the vast majority of hashtags are in English. Then to increase your popularity on Instagram you must force yourself to turn to an international audience, to attract international follower consequently with the advantage that it will bring you compared to a legend written in French which will be less visible and which will have less impact. The strategies do not stop at the three tips we have barely listed. We talked about people, we talked about descriptions but we can not not talk about the most important topic of this social network obviously: the photos! They create a special style that identifies you and seduces your future followers to follow you and want to know more and more. To give you inspiration and provide you with a concrete example at Bcube we are fans of @ art.side Regarding the photos it is necessary to make a special mention on the filters. Some filters are appreciated more than others, those that the instagram algorithm recognizes and addresses to other users who will have put like to a photo with the same filters. We have some examples: Normal, Earlybird, X-Proll, Hefe, Rise, Valencia, Amaro, Brannan, Lo-fi, Hudson.

4 – You have to be active

It should not be forgotten that Instagram remains a social network and therefore it requires interactions. The important thing is to be recognized by the instagram algorithm as an active user, this will help to make you appear at the head of research. We have tips for you: Increase interactions, by adding likes and comments you will receive other likes and comments on your profile. Follow the right people, follow people who inspires you but also accounts that you want to look like. This helps to help the algorithm insert you into a specific environment and to affiliate you to it, your profile will appear in the profiles to follow when people add accounts of the same target and the same interest as yours. Try to avoid already known profiles, because you will be less likely to point out, as an alternative you can interact with their followers.

5 – The importance of time

When to post publications is another basic way to use if you want to increase your Instagram followers. On Instagram we prefer highlighted photos. Posting a photo, for example in the night, means inserting it into a schedule in which users of the social network are very little active, so your post will have little or no visibility, with a consequence of considerable decline in likes and followers while on the contrary you could increase by inserting the photo in just schedules. Now, following the statistical data, the use of Instagram is much more active in general at five o’clock in the afternoon and the first hours of the evening, when people become freer and therefore more active on the networks. social. The best days you can publish are always Thursday and Friday, always in the afternoon hours. The frequency with which to post photos has been very important. Its period of effectiveness in which the 50% of the likes and comments are verified is of 3 hours, thus doing, you will have a particularly active profile. Increase Instagram followers: What we do not tell you after various tests we can say that one of the best methods that you are not told to get a lot of followers in a few days is that it is necessary that you can appear on the popular page, that is to say in the visibility of the social network. To obtain this it is necessary to follow a special algorithm of Instagram: in the first minutes in which the photo is published, it is necessary that this one you receive a predefined number of like and related to the follower number to the profile, it will appear between the first results of the suggestions page automatically.

How to get a lot of likes in such a short time?

An effective solution is to buy the likes (Buy Real Instagram followers) immediately after you publish the photo giving you the visibility needed to allow many followers to discover your profile. Would the ideal be to find an automatism of addition of likes at the very moment of the publication of a photo, and if we told you that this tool exists? If you find this system interesting, you can look at the side of our different packages “likes Instagram package”. This is a trick that few speak. See also here: Buy Real Instagram followers


For the user who uses these services the process is rather simple: after consulting the different offers on the internet, you must decide first which one corresponds to your requirements. In order to be more secure, it is advisable to pay by Paypal account for the package of interactions that you choose, that it will be delivered within 24 hours in general if the service is good. By “Package” is meant a group of likes or comments that the company will bring to your profile. At this point we must make a warning note: the profiles of the followers must come from real profiles and not be simple bots. The question that arises spontaneously at this moment is: how to know if a company is reliable? In addition to abroad, reliable activities are really rare. The best way to evaluate who to confide in is to look at these different details: Telephone, office and mobile routing numbers. The address of the headquarters. Customer support for any doubts or problems. Transparency, you must know exactly what you are buying(Buy Real Instagram followers).


Having followers on Instagram has never been so convenient, today we spend a few euros and tomorrow we can end up with thousands of followers. Not bad is not it ?