How To Ensure That Your Dog Park Experience Is Positive?

You have a month and then take your puppy to the dog park. Most puppies are not fully immunized until 4 months of age. Making the puppy a positive reinforcement, without any punishment, is a responsible first step and is a good way for a puppy to gain social skills. Another way is to create a “dating” for him, with a puppy or dog, your puppy and your kindergarten class to become a puppy friend while dog walking Chelsea.

As long as the animals are enjoying themselves and enjoying the company of others, the date of the game can be anywhere. In the dog’s yard, other dogs in the yard, beach, walking, swimming, and even the local dog park are wonderful places where dogs can let go and have fun. A well-managed, well-maintained dog park is a great place to meet up with dogs, burn excess energy and make new friends. On the other hand, unfortunately, some dog parks are dangerous, mainly because of irresponsible dog owners. Some self-centered people are proud of their dog’s misconduct. As a general rule, these people are those who don’t clean up after their animals… they find it interesting!

Before deciding on a public or private park for dog walking Chelsea, you plan to sponsor and do your homework. Make sure your dog has all the vaccinations, especially for rabies, canine distemper, pertussis and viral canine flu (VIC) for the H3N8 virus. The last two are highly contagious viruses. If you are approaching your dog in a kennel, take him to a daycare, hairdresser or hairdresser to make sure he is protected.

Visit different parks. The one closest to you may not be the best for you or your dog. Visiting most dog parks has good times and bad times. Most of them were very busy during the cold of the day. This means early in the day and most people after work in the evening. Talk to the dog owner there. Ask them why they chose this particular park. See how your dog interacts.

What you should look for in the dog park for dog walking Chelsea is:

  • First, do responsible dog owners frequent this park?
  • Does the customer follow the dog park label?
  • Do you have any supervision over the owner? Be wary of inappropriate behavior… dogs and humans.
  • What is the dog/person ratio? A person with 2-3 dogs is a viable ratio.
  • Is the park clean?
  • Do you bring food to the park? This can cause problems!
  • Are the owners cleaned up after their dogs?
  • Have water
  • How does the dog interact? If you see one or two dogs, don’t worry. Some dogs will physically and emotionally benefit when they go to the park; but they don’t like to mix with the packaging.
  • If there is fighting, does the owner act responsibly?
  • Are the doors and fences in good condition?
  • Is there a double door entrance? So the dog can’t “evade?”
  • Provide a stool bag and use?
  • Is there a bucket of garbage? Are they overflowing?
  • Provide shaded areas for dogs and owners?
  • Is there water?
  • Complete the setup before bringing your puppy or dog to the “new” park. Let them smell other dogs through the fence. Look at the reaction of your dog and other dogs.

When you go to the park, immediately remove your dog’s belt. Dogs have two main survival instinct: fighting or running away. If they can’t escape, many people will fight! Amazing! Some dogs are tied in an uncontrollable way; however, when they are off the belt, they fall in love with the park!

Follow the rules of the park… If they say “no children!” Let your child outside the dog park is not a playground! There are good reasons for this rule. For some people, dogs are predators, especially those with big prey; running children are just prey!

If your dog is not disinfected, go ahead and do it! Or extra care! There are too many irresponsible dog owners who bring their pets to the park! Watching a couple before or during their enthusiasm for spreading these genes may make some people feel uneasy!

If you feel uncomfortable, please leave! Follow your protection instinct.

Once you have mastered the life of the dog park, you and your dog will be addicted! You will meet other interesting dog owners, your dog will make new friends, burn a lot of energy, the best part is; they will be happy and tired to go home!

In short: a tired dog is a good dog!