Don’t Live With Diabetic Erectile Dysfunction

Don’t Live With Diabetic Erectile Dysfunction

The most common method of treating diabetes and erectile dysfunction is no treatment. Just don’t talk about it or even mention it. But this is not a good plan, because people with diabetes are three times more likely to have diabetes than others.

I don’t know these years, when I heard this statistic, “Why don’t you talk about it because it is so common among male diabetics?” The truth is that this is a personal problem and it is usually kept secret by spouses. This of course will make fireworks, or I should say, pour water on the flame of love.

So why keep a secret, even from a doctor, is it one of the easiest to treat complications caused by diabetes? Some people will say “Man talks with your doctor”! More than 95% of erectile dysfunction can be successfully treated.

But be careful about what you call erectile dysfunction. Everyone sometimes does not take action. However, when we talk about erectile dysfunction, we are talking about frequent problems.

So how does diabetes cause erectile dysfunction? Sexual function also requires a range of body functions including nerves, blood vessels, hormones and mind. Diabetes can affect all of this in some way.

Diabetes can cause neuropathy. What this means, unless you know that this means nerve-damaged nerves, in many cases were sexually functional nerves are needed.

Although it can be damaged, it can also damage blood vessels. The penis may have more small blood vessels than any other part of the body. Then, when the small blood vessels of the penis are not working properly, guess what the problem is erection  or Erektion. If there is no erection, it is very difficult to have sex.

Another important reason? The drug induces about 25% of erectile dysfunction. Antihypertensive drugs, antihistamines, antidepressants. It should be attributed to sedatives, appetite suppressants and so on.

Although some unsatisfactory things that require sexual function, the hormones produced by the kidneys are not, ultimately, with all the conditions that do not occur, reaching the mind. If we can fix some of them.

The truth is that 95% of cases of erectile dysfunction can be resolved. If you are often erect and have diabetes, you should see a doctor and talk to him. Another thing, ED may be a sign of heart disease or other potentially life-threatening physical function problems. So look at your document

Most people who see a doctor will go to see a family doctor. This is better than nothing, but it is best to consult a urologist or a professional.

The most common treatment is the use of “blue pills” and their relatives such as Lavitra and Cialis. Their composition and function are similar. The main difference between them is the duration of the functions they have built. Viagra lasts about 4 hours, Lavitra lasts about 3 hours, and Cialis lasts about 36 hours. The warning is that if you have an erection for more than 4 hours, you should contact your doctor. Also, if the preferred drug does not work, other treatments can be used.

The first is topical, a drug applied to the penis such as Nytroglycerin. These drugs increase the blood flow to the penis and make the erection harder. However, Nytroglycerin ointment often causes headaches, and condoms can be used to avoid this problem.

Second, there is a criminal injection. This is exactly what it says, a drug that is directly injected into the penis. The injection was alprostadil. Relax your muscles and harden your penis. The biggest problem is the infection or penile scar caused by the injection.

Other treatments include mechanical devices for obtaining erections or Erektion. I hope you don’t have to go that far. If so, your doctor will help you.

In many cases, only your doctor can know what to do. If your treatment goes beyond Viagra, Lavitra or Cialis, you should stay in touch with your doctor no matter what you do.