Como Conseguir Seguidores En Instagram

Como Conseguir Seguidores En Instagram

Strategies for big brands to implement influence

While it may be difficult for a brand to give up control of the creative process, it is important to believe that influential people can do their best. This is why it is so important to have influential people in the brand interact with their values ​​and styles.

DSW’s 12-day Converse event identified five influencers who matched their ideal presentation and hired them to design two or three pairs of Chuck Taylors and then announced to their fans that they could win some. These simple details paved the way for influential people to unleash their creativity, and his followers reacted wildly. The event was less than $15,000 and produced more than 3 million impressions and more than 100,000 commitments.

DSW continues to actively participate in influential marketing campaigns, and its revenue is growing steadily year after year. In fiscal 2016, DSW’s revenue was $2.7 billion. They are now worth $2.8 billion in 2017, which is the company’s record.

See where your audience exists

Ten years ago, blogs and websites were the only online way to introduce your products to the public. Today, there are several social platforms available for advertising such as Facebook, Instagram (como conseguir seguidores en instagram), Pinterest and YouTube. So how do you know which platform is best for influential people to post?

With the continuous development of social media, it is difficult to accurately determine the functional content that an ideal target audience can see. Another strategy is to send influential people on multiple platforms.

Bertolli hired nine influential people to post articles on his blog, social extensions and videos about his olive oil products to avoid missing the audience. In doing so, his campaign generated an estimated total of 6.8 million hits, for every $1 spent, and media revenue was $14.37.

Blog posts are great for sharing recipes that require the use of products that are easily included in Pinterest. Instagram (como conseguir seguidores en instagram) is a useful platform for displaying an image of the final recipe and instructing readers to view the complete recipe on their blog.

Airheads has a similar strategy. In their campaigns, anchor videos live on YouTube and zoom in on other social platforms to generate more traffic. The strategy provides more than 1.3 million video views for three influential people and more than 44,000 social events across all channels.

Do you think that number is everything? Not so fast!

From the perspective of the audience, it is easy to get lost in the numbers you see. For example, if your campaign’s goal is to get more than 20 million impressions and 10,000 promises, it might be tempting to find those who have many fans and many comments or “likes”. Publications.

The sad reality is that numbers don’t tell the whole story. In fact, many influential people participate in Instagram (como conseguir seguidores en instagram) pods and Facebook chats, they share their content with influential peers, and then all the likes and comments make it look like this influential person has many fans.

On the outside, the numbers look solid, but at a deeper level, the goal of not meeting the target audience has not yet been achieved.

Brands can avoid this trap by recruiting influential people who constantly create premium content and match the brand image. According to Jonathan Long, the founder of market-dominated media, small accounts tend to exceed large accounts, sometimes as much as 300%. That’s right – 300%.

When brands stop viewing numbers, they are forced to treat each influential person as an individual. What made this person go to the table? Do they often interact with followers? Does your photo tell a story?

These are all questions that brands must ask themselves before launching influential marketing campaigns.

Subaru understands the importance of quality and quantity, and hires influential people to publish a total of 58 sponsored publications as part of their “Meet the Landlord” campaign. Since almost everyone owns a car, Subaru has found influential people in all fields, such as fitness and art, to share its story.