Bingo is the Ultimate Thrill!

New research carried out in the UK has revealed that playing Bingo is more exciting than going on a rollercoaster.

The UK based National Bingo Game Association (NGBA) carried out research on randomly selected groups of men and women, who were asked to first ride a rollercoaster and then play a game of bingo. All the individuals were fitted with heart monitors before riding one of Britain’s largest rollercoasters.

According to Casino Magazine, “in all instances the participants believed that their heart rates were higher whilst riding the rollercoaster. bitcoin roulette  They were shocked to discover, however, that a game of Bingo sent heart rates soaring by a further two beats per minute. As their chances of winning a major cash prize increased, so did their heart rates.”

Sport psychologist Charlie Manning explains that “the answer lies in the power of anticipation. With a line on the card only needing one or two further numbers to claim the jackpot, the body swings into a high level of physiological arousal as adrenaline floods into the system. The same thing happens when riding a rollercoaster. Although the situation may appear hazardous – which is of course what provides the thrill – actually the brain knows it’s all perfectly safe. With bingo it’s all down to the computer to give you the big win and since neither the player nor anyone else can influence the outcome the thrill of anticipation is even greater.”

Average Resting Heart Rate: 65 beats per minute.

Average Roller Coaster Heart Rate: 139 beats per minute.

Average Bingo Heart Rate: 141 beats per minute.