According To Research, The Profitability Of The Ethereum GPU Mining Is Now Zero.

According To Research, The Profitability Of The Ethereum GPU Mining Is Now Zero.

According to Susquehanna Research, iron, arsenic and feed graphics (GPU), which would be beneficial.

Each GPU, although generating revenue in the summer and 2017 is almost $150.

As of sunset, the main thing is its graphics card, and the attraction of this part to a portion of the third ATI cryptocurrency (Claim Bitcoin Cash ABC Fork) will not be affected.

Mining other cryptocurrencies.

According to Susquehanna’s research firm, by using a video card, it is loved by men to shake themselves in the air instead of having power generation with others. Participating and new arrivals a few months ago, ASIC miners designed Ethash’s algorithms, diving, and digital currency prices (BCHAC Wallet).

Nvidia digital article ends

Augustus closed down and decided to shut down the mining company ATI GPU for users who want to encrypt money. This in itself is the way the market is dominated by ASIC mines. This is a professional Chinese football, especially from the giant Bitmain.

This week, Susquehanna analyst Christopher Holland, a revenue analyst with Crypto CNBC NIVIDIA, will be close to zero in the third quarter of 2018.

Since last year, it has been an important source of income for California mining companies’ ethers. The Assyrian sentinel met her, many of the GPU kit mines – belonging to the ornament, almost as high as $150, although the owner is making a profit; in the summer of 2017, the bar decided to deal with every minute of mining operations, And decided that many examples of humble cases take advantage of the excitement of digital environment input.

But according to Sasquehanna, the situation has changed radically. The profitability of this device has gradually decreased, but now it does not. Please note that the research company sent to the client on Tuesday observed a combination of factors.

This has caused a large number of encryption markets to fall – a drop in the 85% sky and a record in January – losses, but we still face smaller GPU ASICs with lower efficiency. The profitability of the mine seems to be the adjustment of the ATI GPU and that number of attacks. But the Éter crowd, sales have increased dramatically to commemorate the rise of these things, they will know in 2017. At that time, the fugitive slaves, although they hoped, it was legal for you to pick it up. Since the first year, many mining lakes have decided to close the gate, which may be difficult for developers miners. At the same time, the Bitmain mastodon has introduced its Antminer A3, which allows for a more efficient way than copper ether and GPU.

Despite announcing the withdrawal of the encryption market (Claim Bitcoin Cash ABC Fork), Nvidia continues to suffer losses and has accounted for 16% of the past 30 days. In fact, if this is a football game, the party still seems to rely on sales in the encryption market.

This is what Christopher Roland said he brought with Susquehanna customers this week;

Using GPUs generated by encrypted high schools is too much value for work. This is consistent with the company’s contribution and does not include any cryptocurrency readings in the third quarter report. During this period, the profitability of the mining industry continued to decline, and prices have been below 70% since the beginning of the year.